Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cathy's Children

1954:  Cathy and her father Golden Gardiner:

Cathy and her father Golden Gardiner:

Cathy being held by Grandpa Gardiner:

 Cathy with Golden and Barbara:

 Cathy with her parents, Grandpa Gardiner in background:

Cathy and her aunt Dawn, 1955:

Cathy and Brad in the front yard of their Malta home:

Cathy and Brad: 

Cathy and Dawn, her aunt:

Family, 1959, Cathy is on the left:

Family, 196, Cathy front row fifth from left:

Family, 1962, Cathy is second from the left:

LtoR Janice Gardiner, Cathy Gardiner, 1964:

Janice Gardiner and Cathy Gardiner

Cathy Goff's Children:

His children requested that he be buried next to his ex-wife in the Malta cemetery.

Brent and his son 

LtoR Brock, Brianna, Brooke, Brittany, Brady  Baby: Toby Alley

Brent, Brittanie, Brandt, Brooke Alley, Bri, 2009

Cathy's children from Brandt Goff's facebook page (Cathy's youngest)  -- this was taken at Barbara's funeral (2012). L to R (standing) Brooke, Brandt, Brady, (sitting) Brittanie, Mary, Golden, Brock, Brianna.  Brandt's father died while he was serving a mission and he chose to finish his mission in Madagascar -- returning home later as an orphan.  They are all very close to Dad.  Mom's passing has been difficult for them -- she and Dad helped raise them