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Anna Scholl 1880 - 1905

Anna Scholl was born Oct 8, 1880.  She married Maurice Bingaman on May 10, 1901.  They had two daughters, one of whom lived with Frederick Scholl for a period of time in Portland.

Prior to 1905 Frederick Scholl had a rental home in Falls City.  After renters moved out he had his three of his girls clean the home and all three contract TB.  One by one they die from its effects. Anna died September 20, 1905, Clara in 1907 and Lizzy moves to Alamogordo NM for the benefits climate but dies in 1914.

Anna has two girls in who are found in the in 1910 Texas census, after her death, they move in with their father to Amarillo, Texas.  Their father remarries and they hate the stepmother. Fred, Anna’ brother, brings them back to Portland, and soon thereafter their father dies as well and the girls are raised by Frederick and Fanny.

Anna’s younger daughter Leona died while giving birth to her first child. Laura, her older daughter lived into her 80’s and is David Roby’s grandmother.  She died in 1984.

Frederick Scholl Family

Leona and Laura Bingaman back, 1919

Leona and Laura Bingaman, Laura is younger.


1905 Apr 14 Falls City Trib
 1900 census:

 Steel Cemetery, Falls City, NE

1906 Newspaper clipping on Anna:

1906 Oct 6 Falls City Trib

Maurice Albert BINGAMAN (23 Apr 1878 - 24 Nov 1918)
m. 10 May 1901 to Anna SCHOLL (8 Oct 1881 - 20 Sept 1905)

She was born in Arago, Richardson Co.
Maurice came from Snyder Co., PA, and relocated to Arago.

Anna's parents were Frederick SCHOLL & Fanny WEINERT.

Maurice and Anna had 2 daughters:

1) Laura Fanny BINGAMAN (3 Dec 1902 - ??)
m. 28 May 1928 George H. ROBY
She was born in Arago, Richardson Co.

2) Leona Emma BINGAMAN (20 March 1903 - 16 May 1930)
m. 7 July 1929 Charles CUTTING
She was born in Arago, Richardson Co.

After the death of Anna in 1905, Maurice and his 2 daughters relocated to
Canyon, Texas.

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