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Frederick Scholl 1849 - 1929

Frederick Scholl was born in New York City Febuary 16, 1849. He was employed by a piano house as a boy who job was carving legs while he was a boy. He left New York at the age of 17 and later viewed the remains of President Lincoln in New York as the train stopped on its way to Springfield, Ill.

He attended Sunday school for nine years without missing a Sunday and received a Bible as a reward.

Fred's first child, Emma Scholl was born on March 8, 1877 in Arago, NB. She married Emil Gus Hornschuch in 1908 in Salem. She died of TB in 1944.

Fred's second child Elizabeth “Lizzie” Scholl was born November 22, 1879 in Arago. She was the second child of eleven. She married Benjamin Christopher Apel, March 6, 1901 when she was 21. She died March 9, 1914 from TB.  The TB as contracted while cleaning Fred's rental home.

Fred's third child Anna Scholl was born Oct 8, 1880 in Arago, Nebraska. She married Maurice Bingaman on May 10, 1901. Anna died September 20, 1905 from TB which was contracted while cleaning Fred's rental.

Fred's fourth child was Laura Scholl was born Dec 26, 1883 in Arago, Nebraska. Laura married John William Zinser, a soap cutter, in May 1918.  Her first son died in childbirth. Laura died August 27, 1928 at 44 years old during the birth of her son Laurence.

Frederick and Fannie's fifth child not survive unto adulthood. Philip Frederick Scholl was born March 4, 1885 and died in July 1885.

Fred's sixth child was George Scholl was born in 1886 in Arago, Nebraska. He died in Glendale at age 80 years 5 months and 18 days in 1967 from pneumonia a stroke and diabetes.

Fred's seventh child Augustus “Gus” Phillip Scholl was born December 6, 1889 in Arago, NB,  He died April 6, 1973 at 83 and is buried in the Willamette National Cemetery with military honors next to his second wife Lillian.

Fred's eighth child Clara Lydia was born August 16, 1891, Arago, Nebraska. Clara was baptized January 5, 1892. She died on March 9, 1907 at age 15 from TB after contracting it from cleaning her parents rental after boarders moved out.

Fred and Fannie's ninth and tenth children were born July 9, 1895 and were twins: Edna and Edgar. Edgar Fred  died July 30, 1895. Edna broke her leg in a fall which resulted in being confined to a wheel chair. She died at 23 years old from the effects of the injury on April 18, 1919.

Frederick owned land in section 22 where he raised his family. In 1896 there are two homes and seven barns on the property. There are also two orchards, one with 15 trees and one with 12 trees.

Fred's 11th child Frederick Clarence Scholl Jr. was born October 9, 1897, Arago, NE Frederick He died April 23, 1989, Portland, Oregon at 91 from stomach cancer. 

Frederick bought his father in law's home and property on March 3, 1902. He already owned 160 acres in section 22, which is just south of his new property. He bought the land on March 3, 1902 for $4,500 from Fredericka, widow, Jennie Hofer, widow, John and Anna Weinert, Charles Weinert, Anna Ernst and her husband Ernest, August Jr, Minnie Voegelein, widow and Lousisa Wiltse and her husband Clarence. The land totaled 97 acres.

On June 10 1904 the Falls City Tribune reported that the previous week Fred Scholl bought 160 acres one mile north of Falls City for $17,600 from Jacob Bauman.  This was the most paid for a farm in the county up to that date.  It appears Frederick's land was in section 48 and there was a school on the northeast corner of the property.  The house and orchard are in the southeast corner of the property.  The land had good access to the Missouri Pacific Railway which added to it's value.  Being a mile from Falls City was another advantage. Frederick had excellent access to transportation and markets.

On Tuesday August 9th, 1904 a severe electrical storm struck a barn owned by Frederick and the barn and 28 loads of new hay burned to the ground according to the Falls City Journal.

According to the deed, on March 2, 1905 Frederick sold his land in section 22, totaling 160 acres to John Gleason of Missouri for $10,400.  The Falls City Journal says it was sold around June 10, 1904.

Falls City Journal, April 2, 1905 M. A. Bingaman and family are guests at the Fred Scholl home. 

The Falls City Journal reported on September 8, 1905 that Fred's daughter Mrs Morris Bingaman was seriously ill in his home. 

On Wednesday August 1, 1906 Fred's mother in law, Fredericka Weinert died in his home. The funeral services were held the next day in the home.

On March 29, 1907 the Nebraska Advertiser reported that Fred Scholl was involved in an experiment with the "department" in raising oats with a better yield and rust resistant.

On May 22, 1908 the Falls City Journal reported that Fred and his daughter Edna visited Falls City.

According to the1910 US census  Frederick, Fannie, are retired in Falls City, NE. Fred is 61.

In 1912 according to the Portland City directory, Frederick, a farmer,  is living at 446 E Lincoln with his son August P, daughter Edna,  George carpenter and daughter Laura who works at M&F Co.

They lived at 679 Locust Street in Ladd's section of Portland, OR. He died when he was 80 years old in Portland Oregon, 30 May 1929.

Photos of their Portland Home.

Fannie and Frederick, New York, NY

The girls with the red X cleaned a rental for their father and caught TB, each died from it's effects.
1896 map:

Not sure of the year on this map but Frederick Scholl has August's property plus some.


LtoR John Zinser, Laura Scholl, Bingaman, Fannie, Bingaman, ____Frederick Scholl, ____ Portland, OR

Scholl home, Portland, OR

Frederick in the back seat.

Fannie and Frederick Scholl

1860 census:

1880 census: 

1900 census:

1910 census:

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