Sunday, November 9, 2014

George Philipp Scholl 1863 - 1921

Married Emma Beppes 11 Dec 1887
Died in 1921, was farmer in Falls City.

Had the following children:
1. Philip Scholl
2. David Scholl killed himself

He shot himself in the barn in Falls City in 1952
Lucille was his daughter

3. Edward Scholl in nursing home in Falls City.  Edward  had a son named Robert Scholl, who was a postman and a farmer and unfortunately a diabetic in Falls City, NE.  Paul Weinert knew Robert and was friendly with him.  However Robert had no interest in talking about family as reported by Paul and by Robert’s wife.  Robert and had a back problem which eventually led to his death.  Paul told him to have an operation, Robert refused.  Robert’s daughter married and had a child then divorced and wouldn’t let the child take the real father’s name.  Buried in the Steele, Cemetery

George Philipp Scholl family