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Josephine Scholl (Suess) 1885 - 1952

Josephine Scholl (Suess)
Josephine was born to Philip Frederick Scholl and Elizabeth Kolsch on the 10th of January 1865. 

The Scholl’s didn’t have much to do with Josephine they lived across the tracks, didn’t associate much. Josephine came to Falls City to visit aunts.  She married Philip Ernst Suess and together they had five children between 1885 and 1908.   

She died in Mont Ida, Kansas on the 11th of September 1952.

Top left Josephine, Philipp
Louise, Philip, Leona.
Esther, Josephine

1880 census:

Daughter of Philipp Frederick Scholl  and          Elizabeth Kolsch

Philipp Ernest Suess          M: 20 Dec 1883                   Josephine Scholl 
B: 06 Oct 1862                                                            B: 10 Jan 1865
   Falls City, NE                                                            New York, NY
D: 01 Feb 1949                                                           D: 11 Sep 1952
   Mont Ida, KS                                                              Mont Ida, KS


1       Philipp August Martin Suess B: 05 May 1885              Falls City, NE
                                             D: 21 Oct 1964              Colorado Springs, CO

2       Esther Josephine Suess                  B: 20 Jul 1893                St. Joseph, MO
                                             D: 10 Dec 1913              Bush City, MO

3       Josephine Elizabeth Suess     B: 16 Aug 1897              St. Joseph, MO
                                             D: 12 Mar 1977              St. Joseph, MO

4       Leona Katherine Suess                  B: 17 July 1900              St. Joseph, MO
                                             D:  Deceased

5       Louise Lydia Suess                B: 30 Mar 1908              Halls, MO
                                             D: 22 Jun 1977              Des Moines, IA