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Scholl Heritage

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Was George Scholl religious as a youth? 

The modern day Scholl heritage begins with Philip Scholl who was born in 1825 in Graben, Baden, Germany.  He was illegitimate and got his last name from his mother Christina Scholl.  He married Elizabeth Kelch in 1848 in El Saso, Germany at 22.   Philip immigrated to New York with Elizabeth and followed the trade of shoemaker.

In New York City they had the following children during a 16 year period:
1. Frederick 1849, 16 Feb married Fanny Weinert
2. Elizabeth 1850, 11 Dec. died in infancy
3. Phillip 1852, 29 Dec died in infancy
4. Christina 1854, 2 Dec married Charles Frederick
5. Elizabeth 1858, 13 July Louie D. Frerking (her NYC birth on FS)
6. Lydia 1860 21 Dec married August B Becker (her NYC birth on FS)
7. George Philipp 1863, 12 March married Emma Beppers
8. Josephine 1865, 10 Jan. married Philip Ernst Suess (her NYc birth on FS)

Philip died 13 days before his 71st birthday in Falls City, Nebraska in 1897. Elizabeth died 6 years later in Falls City, NE at the age of 75 in 1903.

Philip's oldest son, Frederick Scholl was born in New York City in Febuary 16, 1849. He was employed by a piano house as a boy who job was carving legs while he was a boy. He left New York at the age of 17 and later viewed the remains of President Lincoln in New York as the train stopped on its way to Springfield, Ill. He attended Sunday school for nine years without missing a Sunday and received a Bible as a reward. Frederick farmed and was a carpenter in Falls City, NE. He died when he was 80 years old in Portland Oregon, 30 May 1929.

Frederick married Fanny Weinert in Falls City, NE and together they had the following children:
1. Emma 1877 married Emil G. Hornschuch, a pastor in Oregon
2. Elizabeth 1879 married Ben Apel and died from TB from cleaning an infected home
3. Anna 1880 married Maurice Albert Bingaman, died young from TB leaving 2 children behind
4. Laura 1883 married John William Zinser, she lived in Portland and introduced Geo to Emma
5. Philip 1885 died in infancy
6. George 1886 married Emma Bachman
7. Augustus 1888 married Emma A Schultz and Lillian Lucke and served in WWI
8. Clara 1891 no spouse
9. Edgar 1895 no spouse
10. Edna 1895 no spouse, broke her leg and later died at 23 from the effects
11. Fred Clarence 1897 married Helen Short, liked Vegas and died at 91

George was a studio carpenter and it was said of him, "He never said anything negative about another person." James Gardiner

George married Emma in Los Angeles and had two girls:
1. Audrey 1916
2. Elaine 1925

Scholl family about 1895

Scholl family about 1895