Friday, July 22, 2016

BYU Genealogy Conference

Who needs FH inspiration?

1.  Children w/o a mother, Suzanne cancer story.
2.  Family council, siblings have no memory of our mother
3.  Everyone

What types of stories are inspirational?

1.  Pioneer, Robert and Margaret
2.  JHG persistence as a home teacher
     Floyd and Lucy Kennedy, home taught them for 33 years 1969 - 2002

Once they changed home teachers on them and she refused the new brother and said, “I want Jim Gardiner back!” 

July 29, 1999 Kennedy called as I was getting on the net. Garage refrigerator is out. “Told to get a new one – Then Carol and I went to unload some of the “frozen (no longer) stuff – Lucy having a fit, said she was “mad as Hell,” we didn’t respond instantly. We took most of their melted stuff and put it in our freezer.

 He had a standing appointment, the 1st Friday of the month for most of those 33 years.

3.  Beethoven writes the world's greatest music while deaf  9 symphony

This was the composer's first on-stage appearance in 12 years; the hall was packed with an eager audience and a number of musicians

So this time, the mistro instructed the singers and musicians to ignore the almost totally deaf Beethoven. At the beginning of every part, Beethoven, who sat by the stage, gave the tempos. He was turning the pages of his score and beating time for an orchestra he could not hear.

Violinist Joseph Böhm recalled: "Beethoven directed the piece himself; that is, he stood before the lectern and gesticulated furiously. At times he rose, at other times he shrank to the ground, he moved as if he wanted to play all the instruments himself and sing for the whole chorus. All the musicians minded his rhythm alone while playing".

When the audience applauded—Beethoven was several measures off and still conducting. Because of that, the contralto Caroline Unger walked over and turned Beethoven around to accept the audience's cheers and applause. According to one witness, "the public received the musical hero with the utmost respect and sympathy, listened to his wonderful, gigantic creations with the most absorbed attention and broke out in jubilant applause, often during sections, and repeatedly at the end of them." The whole audience acclaimed him through standing ovations five times; there were handkerchiefs in the air, hats, raised hands, so that Beethoven, who could not hear the applause, could at least see the ovation gestures.

4.  Father with Lou Gerig disease writes to his children's spouses
5.  Jean DaBell writes her testimony
6.  Scholl miracle
7. Mary Ellen Boylin 4 years nine months 3 children

Where do you find the details to make the story come alive? 1980- world conference on records

1.  Newspapers
2.  Family records
3.  Interviews
4.  Historical records,
5.  Statistical accounts of Scotland
6.  Photos FamilySearch, Ancestry, Newspapers, Google images, Your own camera
What ways can you format the book?

1.  Lifestory
2.  Multiple life stories
3.  Autobiography from journals
4.  Biography from historical documents
5.  Autobiography   

What is the best way to share your book

1.  Internet
2.  Self publish
3.  Send PDF
4.  Make a video  Robert and Margaret