Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Stan and Coreen McGuire

Coreen & Lu Ann Thorne began attending the Glendale West ward in 1949 when their parents, Richard & Verona Thorne moved from the Glendale East ward and bought a new house on Valley View Rd. Stan McGuire began attending the West ward in 1952 when he moved to Glendale to work for Beneficial Finance and
shortly thereafter he met Coreen. When Coreen asked Stan where he was from he said Fontana. She thought he said Montana and she asked him if he raised cattle. He said no, we raised turkeys. Coreen was the ward choir accompanist and Stan was the choir president.

Stan and Coreen married in 1954 and lived in Glendale for the next 40 years except for one short move to San Bernardino for a year. They have five children. Three boys and two girls. Their entire time in Glendale was spent in the West Ward and then the 2nd Ward. Coreen served as the ward choir
accompanist and ward organist for most of the time they lived in Glendale. Stan served as a counselor to Bishop Roy Valentine in the mid 70's and then Stan served as Bishop in the late 70s/early 80's. Stan spent most of his career working in the insurance business with his father-in-law Richard
"Dick" Thorne. After Richard retired as the general agent for American National Life's Los Angeles office in 1976, Stan took over as general agent until he retired and moved to Provo, Utah in 1993.

Stan and Coreen served an 18 month mission to the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial in 1999. Stan and Coreen are still living in Provo and are enjoying retirement and spending time with their children, 19 grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Two summers ago Stan and Coreen celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and Stan's 90th birthday with a family reunion near Brian Head, Utah. Here is a summary of their five children.

Richard McGuire and his wife Amy live in Burbank and they have four children (three daughters and one son) and two grandchildren. Richard is an attorney and has previously served as a bishop, a counselor in a Burbank stake presidency and currently as the stake executive secretary. Amy is an
elementary school choral music teacher and currently serves as the Gospel Principles teacher.

Julie McGuire Searfoss and her husband Rick live in Bear Valley Springs, CA and they have three daughters and three grandsons. Julie is a full time homemaker and is serving as ward organist and stake girls camp director. Rick is a retired Air Force pilot and NASA astronaut, and he was a pilot on
two space shuttle missions and commander of one. Rick is a professional speaker in leadership training and an Instructor Pilot at Flight Research. Rick is also currently serving as a bishop.

David McGuire and his wife Kristina live in Cedar City, UT. They have three children (two daughters and one son) and David is the HR Director at Southern Utah University and is currently serving as a bishop. Kristina teaches French at Cedar City High School and serves in the young women's and
as stake music chair.

Paul McGuire and his wife Denise live in Provo and have five children (one daughter and four sons) and one granddaughter. Paul is a self-employed telecom broker and a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Paul has sung with the choir for the past 10 years and enjoys serving with former Glendale 2nd ward member Mack Wilberg. Denise is a full time homemaker and part time Zumba instructor and she currently serves in the stake young women's presidency.

Heather McGuire Pinder and her husband Randy live in Eagle, ID and have four children (three sons and one daughter). Heather teaches Spanish at Eagle High School and currently serves as stake choir director. Randy works as a team leader for Hewlett Packard and has served in a Eagle bishopric and currently has multiple ward and stake callings.