Saturday, December 10, 2016

Emil Hornschuch 1872 - 1942

Emil Hornschuch was born in Pennsylvania in 1872.  He married Ruth Buckner on August 8, 1894.  She died in 1905 in Clackanas, Oregon.  They had three children

Children from first marriage:
Vera R 1894
Lester Reuben 1898
Leroy Sylvester 1902 - 1987

The two children's death
Vera R. Hornschuch 1896-1901
Lester Reuben Hornschuch 1898-1901

Ruth's Death
Ruth Buckner Hornschuch 1875-1906
1/26/1906 Friday, Died (31yrs)
1/28/1906 Sunday, Internment
2/2/1906 Friday, Newspaper, no obit that I can find

1906 (this is the obituary date)
2/14/1906 Page 22 HORNSCHUCH, Ruth Ellen Age 30
Husband: HORNSCHUCH, E. G. (Rev.)
OR: Carns (b) OR: Beaver Creek (bur); Tigardville (res?)
Obituary Index
Allen County Public Library, Genealogy Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana


The 1940 Census Emil & Emma, Katherine Voegelein Daugherty and Minnie Weinert Voegelein on the same page so, the same neighborhood.

= Limited information on Ruth, Vera and Lester's death.


Salem Directory, 1917, the same year his mother passed away.