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Emma Scholl (Hornschuch) 1877 - 1944

Emma Scholl, 1905
Emma Scholl was born on March 8, 1877 Arago, NB. 

In 1900 she is a servant in the home of James and Ida Slocum in Falls City.

In 1910 Emil and Emma are married, living with Leroy her stepson.   He is 8 years old. 

"I have had this theory that August Weinert Jr. had something to do with the marriage of Emil Hornschuch and Emma Scholl. You know both August and Emil were ministers and lived within 30 to 40 miles of each other. As you know Emma was Emil's second wife. His first wife died in 1905. My theory is based on the photo below. I dated the photo by guessing at Franklin's age. In 1900 Emma was a maid or care giver in Falls City. Then in 1906 she is in Oregon and in 1911 she is married with a child. I have looked everywhere for Emil and Emma's marriage record. I woke up this morning about 2am thinking about Emma's marriage date so I got to work. The thing that really helps my theory is that Emil and Emma and August and Marie were married on the same day. Is that cool or what!" M Gardiner

Oregon marriage record:

Emma Married Emil Gus Hornschuch (pronounced hornshoe)1908 Salem, OR.  While Emil was preaching in a church in Seattle Washington, their first child was born, Willard E. on June 2, 1911.  Two daughters were subsequently born.  After his charge in Seattle, he was sent to the church at 17th and Chemeketa Street in Salem, Oregon.  Their second child was born, Naomi E. on August 25, 1914, who died January 2, 1950 Salem.  Emma loved to ring the church bell each Sunday morning.  Willard would follow her…crawling over the rain or mud or whatever, and how he gave a bad time to his half-brother during the sermon. 

The Conference sent Emil to Jefferson, Oregon to the church.  In Jefferson their third child was born, Erma E. on August 9, 1916 and she died March 5, 2000 in Portland.

Emma’s sister lost her life in childbirth, leaving a baby boy. Emil and Emma took the brand new baby, Laurance S. Zinser, and raised him as their own.  Laurance now lives with his wife, Barbara in California after both served in the Navy during one of the wars.

While in Jefferson Emma found that she was ill.   Although they moved to the farm in 1921 Emil continued to fill pastorate in Jefferson.  He would walk to Brooks, take the train to Jefferson, then via train back to Brooks and walk home.  A long day!  If the water was up?  He wasn’t stopped. He waded through.  You, who remember him, know there was never a man who lived more kind and gentle

Onions and filberts were the two crops…how things are changed by now!  They started with a team of horses.  Emil would often say, “Oh, I was born 20 years too early”  as he would wondered at the new ways.  Then Bill (his son) in turn would say the same thing and would wonder at these improvements.  It was not a fitted lingering death for Emil who left this world suffering cancer in March of 1942. Emma died March 22, 1944 in Salem, Oregon.  She died on the 23 March 1944, Portland, OR, Riverview Cemetery.   
There is a stained glass window named after Emma in a church south of Salem, Oregon.  Willard dies unmarried on July 23, 1984 in Salem, Oregon. 

The Scholl girls: Emma, Lizzy, Laura, Ann, 1888


LtoR back Lizzy age 19, Emma 21, front Laura 15 and Anna 18, 1898

Salem, Oregon, USA 1903 Wallulah Yearbook

Wallulah Yearbook, 1905

Salem Oregon Directory, 1913
Willard, Naomi and Erma

Emil and Emma, early years, this is the best quality we have of this photo.

Emil, Naomi and Emma Scholl, abt 1916

LtoR Willard, Emma, Fannie, Naomi, Emil, abtg 1916

Salem Directory 1917

1930 census:

1940 census:

Frederick, Emma, Emil. Naomi, Willard, Erma abt 1922

Emil, Willard Emma, Naomi and Erma, best guess.

Grave marker: 

Name: Emil G Hornschuch and Emma Scholl
Cemetery: Belcrest Memorial Park
Burial : Salem, Marion County, Oregon, United States of America